Not Fair! The Typology of Commonsense Unfairness

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Unfairness is a concept so familiar to us that even young children understand it well. In Not Fair! The Typology of Commonsense Unfairness, Norman Finkel discusses how claims of unfair treatment not only inform our judicial system, but are also implicit in media news reports and our everyday conversations. Yet, despite our familiarity with the term, we may often confuse "fairness" with "justice," and be clearer about what is "unfair" than what is "fair."

In an effort to better understand the nature and manifestations of unfairness, Norman Finkel has analyzed a wide assortment of "unfairness narratives" volunteered by both American and international study participants. By deconstructing these stories and finding their deeper meanings, he has been able to create a typology of basic unfairness categories. The stories also shed light on the extent to which our perceptions of unfair treatment seem to be justified by the facts.

Not Fair! The Typology of Commonsense Unfairness discusses unfairness in a broad historical, religious, legal, and psychological context and shows how age, gender, and culture are likely to play a part in how we perceive it. Finkel's in-depth analysis will be of interest to a wide academic audience that includes psychologists, social scientists, legal scholars, educated laypersons interested in the topic for professional or personal reasons.

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