Turns in the Road: Narrative Studies of Lives in Transition

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How do people make meaning out of the transitions in their lives? In Turns in the Road: Narrative Studies of Lives in Transition, accomplished scholars explore highly personalized life narratives to help us understand significant transitions and turning points in the human life course. Their analyses reveal the nuances of such transitions as adolescents gaining a stronger sense of identity, recent graduates taking their place in the world of work, a young man struggling to overcome addiction, and middle-aged women coming to terms with divorce. Uniting them all are dramatic epiphanies and conversions that lead to a new sense of self in the world.

The stories we make and tell about major transitions in our own lives contribute to our identities, help us cope with challenges and stress, shape how we see the future, and help to determine the nature of our relationships and our unique positions in the world. Psychologists, sociologists, anthropologists, historians, and other scholars will find Turns in the Road an invaluable and insightful collection of essays on the moments in lives that become the framework for understanding who we have been, who we are, and who we will become.

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The Narrative Study of Lives: Introduction to the Series

Turns in the Road: Introduction to the Volume

  1. Narrating Life's Turning Points: Redemption and Contamination
    —Dan P. McAdams and Philip J. Bowman
  2. The Crime, Punishment, and Ethical Transformation of Two Radicals: Or How Katherine Power Improves on Dostoyevsky
    —Janet Landman
  3. De Profundis: Prison as a Turning Point in Oscar Wilde's Life Story
    —William Todd Schultz
  4. Ever Upward and No Turning Back: Social Mobility and Identity Formation Among First-Generation College Students
    —J. Scott Roberts and George C. Rosenwald
  5. Moving Up and the Problem of Explaining an "Unreasonable" Ambition
    —Richard L. Ochberg and William Comeau
  6. Serendipity and Agency in Narratives of Transition: Young Adult Women and Their Careers
    —Marcy Plunkett
  7. The Setback of a Doctor's Career
    —Varpu Löyttyniemi
  8. Women's Understandings of Their Own Divorces: A Developmental Perspective
    —Amy M. Young, Abigail J. Stewart, and Kathi Miner-Rubino
  9. Adolescents' Representations of the Parent Voice in Stories of Personal Turning Points
    —Michael W. Pratt, Mary Louise Arnold, and Kathleen Mackey
  10. Living in the Amber Cloud: A Life Story Analysis of a Heroin Addict
    —Jefferson A. Singer
  11. Sense of Place and Its Import for Life Transitions: The Case of HIV-Positive Individuals
    —Michele L. Crossley

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