Intrusive Parenting: How Psychological Control Affects Children and Adolescents

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Intrusive Parenting: How Psychological Control Affects Children and Adolescents focuses on parental psychological control, or intrusive, inhibiting, and manipulative parental behaviors and interaction patterns that negatively affect healthy child development. Contributors comprehensively review new and original research and present new methodologies and findings that enhance the further study of this important component of the socialization of children. They also integrate the historical conceptualizations of parental psychological control, identify the aspects of child or adolescent development these conceptualizations appear to have targeted, and review and discuss the known child and adolescent correlates of parental psychological control.

Chapters extend the work on psychological control of adolescents substantially by studying its relationship with other key variables in family and individual development. The latest studies on parental psychological control of younger children extend the general work on psychological control beyond the typical focus on adolescents. Of particular interest are chapters that examine the cross-cultural validity of the psychological control construct in young children from the United States, Russia, and China as well as the effects of psychological control found in unique populations, such as children with disabilities like spina bifida. This volume will be an important and useful resource for scholars and others interested in parent–child relationships.

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—Jacquelynne S. Eccles

  1. Reintroducing Parental Psychological Control
    —Brian K. Barber
  2. Violating the Self: Parental Psychological Control of Children and Adolescents
    —Brian K. Barber and Elizabeth Lovelady Harmon
  3. Interparental Conflict, Parental Psychological Control, and Youth Problem Behaviors
    —Gaye Stone, Cheryl Buehler, and Brian K. Barber
  4. Psychological Control and Monitoring in Early Adolescence: The Role of Parental Involvement and Earlier Child Adjustment
    —Gregory S. Pettit and Robert D. Laird
  5. Measuring Children's Perceptions of Psychological Control: Developmental and Conceptual Considerations
    —Amanda Sheffield Morris, Laurence Steinberg, Frances M. Sessa, Shelli Avenevoli, Jennifer S. Silk, and Marilyn J. Essex
  6. Parental Psychological Control: Implications for Childhood Physical and Relational Aggression
    —David A. Nelson and Nicki R. Crick
  7. Observed and Perceived Parenting Behaviors and Psychosocial Adjustment in Pre-Adolescents With Spina Bifida
    —Grayson N. Holmbeck, Wendy E. Shapera, and Jennifer S. Hommeyer
  8. Maternal Psychological Control and Preschool Children's Behavioral Outcomes in China, Russia, and the United States
    —Susanne Frost Olsen, Chongming Yang, Craig H. Hart, Clyde C. Robinson, Peixia Wu, David A. Nelson, Larry J. Nelson, Shenghua Jin, and Jianzhong Wo
  9. Expanding the Study and Understanding of Psychological Control
    —Brian K. Barber, Roy L. Bean, and Lance D. Erickson

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