Rethinking the DSM: A Psychological Perspective

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Rethinking the DSM: A Psychological Perspective reflects the dissatisfaction of a growing number of mental-health professionals who question the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders' (DSM) lack of strong empirical foundations and who are confounded by its patchwork of vaguely defined disorders, each defined by seemingly arbitrary time limits or poorly related symptoms. Expressing concern about whether the DSM truly provides a method for differentiating normal from pathological, clinicians and therapists alike wonder if the DSM should remain the diagnostic tool of choice.

Here readers will find thought-provoking essays on alternative systems within a number of theoretical orientations including psychodynamic, narrative, and cognitive/biological. Rethinking the DSM will challenge readers to move away from conventional thinking and engage in continued dialogue and discussion about specific modifications and alternatives to the DSM. Such work will eventually lay the groundwork for systems that may better serve the needs of mental health care clients.

Table of Contents



I. Introduction and Background

  1. The Emergence of Dissatisfaction With the DSM
    —Mary L. Malik and Larry E. Beutler
  2. Discovery, Invention, and the Expansion of the Modern Diagnostic and Statistical Manuals of Mental Disorders
    —Arthur C. Houts

II. Methodological Considerations

  1. Implications of Information-Gathering Methods for a Refined Taxonomy of Psychopathology
    —Gregory J. Meyer
  2. Taxometrics Can "Do Diagnostics Right" (And Isn't Quite as Hard as You Think)
    —Thomas E. Joiner, Jr. and Norman B. Schmidt
  3. Psychiatric Classification Through the Lens of Ethnobiology
    —Elizabeth H. Flanagan and Roger K. Blashfield

III. Representational Alternatives

  1. Assessing Psychopathology: A Narrative Approach
    —Óscar F. Gonçalves, Paulo P. P. Machado, Yifaht Korman, and Lynne Angus
  2. Operationalized Psychodynamic Diagnostics: A New Diagnostic Approach in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
    —Wolfgang Schneider, Peter Buchheim, Manfred Cierpka, Rainer W. Dahlbender, Harald J. Freyberger, Tilmann Grande, Sven O. Hoffmann, Gereon Heuft, Paul L. Janssen, Joachim Küchenhoff, Aribert Muh, Gerd Rudolf, Ulrich Rüger, and Gerhard Schüssler
  3. Child and Adolescent Diagnosis: The Need for a Model-Based Approach
    —Ann Doucette
  4. Simplifying Diagnosis Using a Prototype-Matching Approach: Implications for the New Edition of the DSM
    —Drew Westen, Amy Kegley Heim, Kate Morrison, Marcus Patterson, and Laura Campbell
  5. Diagnosis and Treatment Guidelines: The Example of Depression
    —Larry E. Beutler and Mary L. Malik
  6. To Honor Kraepelin…: From Symptoms to Pathology in the Diagnosis of Mental Illness
    —John F. Kihlstrom

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