Perfectionism: Theory, Research, and Treatment

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Gordon L. Flett and Paul L. Hewitt provide an emerging picture of perfectionism that is as timely as it is important. Chapters focus on the maladaptive aspects of perfectionism and explore such questions as: How is perfectionism assessed and conceptualized? How does perfectionism develop? What is the role of emotion, stress, or depression in perfectionism? Why are perfectionists anxious? When is perfectionism irrational?

Leading scholars reveal perfectionism as a personality style with multiple developmental influences that contribute to significant interpersonal problems. Their chapters combine the best current research with insights relevant to the treatment and origins of perfectionism.

Perfectionism will be a welcome resource for researchers, clinicians, counselors, and educators who encounter perfectionists in their work and all others who are interested in learning more about this challenging personality style.

Table of Contents



I. Conceptual Issues, Assessment, and Developmental Patterns

  1. Perfectionism and Maladjustment: An Overview of Theoretical, Definitional, and Treatment Issues
    —Gordon L. Flett and Paul L. Hewitt
  2. The Nature and Assessment of Perfectionism: A Critical Analysis
    —Murray W. Enns and Brian J. Cox
  3. A Programmatic Approach to Measuring Perfectionism: The Almost Perfect Scales
    —Robert B. Slaney, Kenneth G. Rice, and Jeffrey S. Ashby
  4. Perfectionism in Children and Their Parents: A Developmental Analysis
    —Gordon L. Flett, Paul L. Hewitt, Joan M. Oliver, and Silvana MacDonald
  5. Perfectionism and Adjustment in Gifted Children
    —Wayne D. Parker

II. Elements of Perfectionism: Social, Motivational, Emotional, and Cognitive Factors

  1. Interpersonal Aspects of Trait Perfectionism
    —A. Marie Habke and Carol A. Flynn
  2. Perfectionistic Self-Beliefs: Their Relation to Personality and Goal Pursuit
    —Jennifer D. Campbell and Adam Di Paula
  3. Perfectionism and Self-Conscious Emotions: Shame, Guilt, Embarrassment, and Pride
    —June Price Tangney
  4. The Role of Irrational Beliefs in Perfectionism
    —Albert Ellis
  5. Dysfunctional Attitudes, Perfectionism, and Models of Vulnerability to Depression
    —Gary P. Brown and Aaron T. Beck

III. Perfectionism, Stress, and Coping in Maladjustment

  1. Perfectionism and Stress Processes in Psychopathology
    —Paul L. Hewitt and Gordon L. Flett
  2. Evaluative Concerns, Self-Critical, and Personal Standards Perfectionism: A Structural Equation Modeling Strategy
    —Kirk R. Blankstein and David M. Dunkley

IV. Perfectionism and Clinical Disorder

  1. Perfectionism and Eating Disorders
    —Elliot M. Goldner, Sarah J. Cockell, and Suja Srikameswaran
  2. Perfectionism, Anxiety, and Obsessive–Compulsive Disorder
    —Randy O. Frost and Patricia Marten DiBartolo
  3. Perfectionism in the Context of Social Fears: Toward a Two-Component Model
    —Lynn E. Alden, Andrew G. Ryder, and Tanna M. B. Mellings
  4. Perfectionism in the Therapeutic Process
    —Sidney J. Blatt and David C. Zuroff

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