Psychology and Public Policy: Balancing Public Service and Professional Need

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As a science and health service profession, psychology is both relevant to, and continuously impacted by, public policy debates and decisions. However, few are aware of the interconnection between public policy and psychology, and fewer still act on this awareness. This volume will increase psychologists' understanding of and contribution to public policy formation. In turn, it should increase psychologists' involvement in the evaluation and implementation of public policy decisions in the hope that one day, policymakers will view input from the field as an expected and necessary component of policy formation and review.

This collection of chapters, some new and some previously published in the American Psychologist, conveys the reciprocal importance of public policy formation and psychology. Many of psychology's leading researchers, clinicians, and policymakers; including psychologists active in the development of public policy and the coordination of advocacy efforts for the discipline's betterment are brought together in this volume. These selections will provide readers with a greater understanding of policy evolution and deeper insights into the ways in which the discipline's involvement in public policy formation can enhance psychology's public standing and promote public support of the field.

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