Inventive Strategies for Teaching Mathematics: Implementing Standards for Reform

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Copyright: 1996
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Mathematics teachers looking for creative classroom strategies to engage students will appreciate the substantive, thought-provoking ideas presented in this volume. The authors of this accessible book present exciting pathways to the reform standards that have been suggested by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. Case studies and sample activities that encourage the reader to think creatively about integrated curricula and new classroom methods abound. A discussion of resources includes a comprehensive listing of newly available curricula.

Table of Contents



  • A True Story: Rachel
  • A Call for Change: NCTM Reform Standards
  • The Curriculum and Evaluation Standards for School Mathematics
  • The Professional Standards for Teaching Mathematics
  • The Assessment Standards for School Mathematics
  • Statement of Rationale and Goals

Goal One: Building a New Understanding of the Nature of Mathematics

  • A Vignette
  • Social Constructivism: Knowing and Doing

Goal Two: Building and Choosing Curricula

  • A Traditional Approach to Volume
  • A Context Approach to Volume
  • The Nature of Mathematical Activity
  • Principles for Choosing and Designing Curricula
  • The Role of Models in Teaching Mathematical Concepts
  • Self-Directed Activities: Thinking About the Curriculum Standards

Goal Three: Building Teaching Strategies

  • Thinking About Teaching Philosophies
  • Planning
  • Questioning
  • Self-Directed Activities: Thinking About the Teaching Standards

Goal Four: Building a Balanced Assessment Strategy

  • A Personal Note From Polly: Choosing a Strategy
  • Assessment versus Evaluation
  • A First-Grade Teacher's Reflections
  • Assessment Assumptions
  • Benchmark Opportunities
  • Assessment Events
  • What About Grading?
  • Self-Directed Activities: Thinking About the Assessment Standards

Goal Five: Finding Resources to Help

  • Innovative Curriculum Projects
  • Elementary Projects
  • Middle-School Projects
  • High School Projects
  • Assessment
  • Technology
  • Parents
  • Family Math Nights
  • Teacher Teams
  • Administration and the School Board
  • The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics


  • A True Story: Rachel Part II
  • Conclusion



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