Great Psychologists and Their Times: Scientific Insights Into Psychology's History

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Great Psychologists and Their Times is the first comprehensive compilation of research on the factors that contribute to great psychologists' impact on the discipline. The author examines those individuals who have contributed most to the advancement of psychological science from a scientific perspective — especially from the standpoint of psychological science. The book integrates all of the relevant research on the psychology of eminent psychologists, from the pioneering work of Francis Galton to work published in the 21st century.

Chapters are rich in examples drawn from the lives and careers of notable psychologists, examining such issues as birth order, psychopathology, and intellectual precocity. Of particular interest are chapters exploring what aspects of the sociocultural context are most conducive to the emergence of illustrious psychologists and how these sociocultural conditions — including political events, economic disturbances, or cultural values — affect not only the magnitude of achievement but also the very nature of that achievement. The findings reviewed lead to suggestions about how best to educate and train both undergraduate psychology majors and graduate students in psychology.

This book will be a useful resource for all psychologists, scientists, and historians who are willing to ponder the provocative overlap between psychology, science, and history.

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