Time-Limited Day Treatment for Personality Disorders: Integration of Research and Practice in a Group Program

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In these days of health care reform, when issues of cost effectiveness are paramount, both the time and funding that programs can offer for traditionally hard-to-treat patients are shrinking. For over 20 years, the authors have been involved in the creation and management of a successful 18-week partial hospitalization program: the Edmonton Day Treatment Program. This unique therapeutic model has proven both effective and time-efficient for patients with personality disorders—a population that traditionally has not responded well to treatment. The distinctive features of this program include its complete group orientation, its staff organization, and its psychodynamic approach.

Throughout the volume, the authors interweave discussions of theory, clinical practice, and empirical research to explore the components that make this program successful. This therapeutic model has important implications for partial hospitalization programs, group therapy techniques, and the treatment of personality disorders.

The authors detail the day-to-day operations of the Edmonton Day Treatment Program and include its objectives, structures, and guiding principles, with illustrations of group process and staff roles. The volume provides a comprehensive set of general principles and suggestions for effectively conducting a day treatment program, with presentations of common problems and ways to deal with them. The history of the evolution of day treatment is carefully reviewed in order to extract useful lessons that can be applied in contemporary programs. The authors also include the research results of a large-scale clinical trial investigation into the efficacy of this treatment approach. This discussion highlights the variables of success for the program.

This book will be of interest to practitioners in partial hospitalization, group therapists, and those working with patients suffering from affective and personality disorders, including staff from public and private clinics and hospitals, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, occupational therapists, and nurses.

Table of Contents


  1. Historical Evolution of Day Treatment
  2. Psychiatric Partial Hospitalization: A Review of the Research
  3. Utilization of Partial Hospitalization
  4. Alternative Psychosocial Treatments for Affective Disorders and Personality Disorders
  5. The Edmonton Day Treatment Program
  6. Two Weeks in the Life of the Day Treatment Program
  7. Clinical Trial Evaluation of Treatment Efficacy
  8. Prediction of Success in the Day Treatment Program
  9. Relationships Among Psychological Mindedness, Patient Work, and Favorable Outcome in the Day Treatment Program
  10. The Psychosocial Environment as a Predictor of Outcome in the Day Treatment Program
  11. Case Illustrations From the Day Treatment Program
  12. Themes and Future Directions


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