Teaching for Thinking

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  • What constitutes "good thinking"?
  • How do analytical, practical, and creative thinkers differ?
  • Which teaching strategies promote thinking to learn as well as learning to think?
  • Can asking the right kinds of questions enhance student thinking?
  • In what ways do tests squelch creative and insightful problem solving?
  • Why do some good thinkers fail?
  • How can teachers prepare for the challenges of teaching for thinking?

The authors consider these issues and others as they explore the thinking classroom. Richly illustrated with lively classroom vignettes and inventive teaching activities, this volume is undergirded with an empirically validated and classroom-tested psychological theory that lays out the three ways of thinking and the cognitive processes that underlie them.

Table of Contents



  • Statement and Rationale
  • Overview of This Book

Goal 1: Understanding the Three Ways of Good Thinking and the Higher Order Thinking Processes Underlying Them

  • Overuse of Test Scores
  • Higher Order Thinking Processes
  • Cognitive Skills

Goal 2: Understanding Teaching Strategies to Enhance Thinking

  • Three Alternative Teaching Strategies

Goal 3: Understanding the Role of Questioning in Developing Thinking Skills

Goal 4: Teaching the Three Ways of Thinking

  • A Four-Step Model for Teaching the Three Ways of Thinking

Goal 5: Focusing on Teaching and Evaluating Creative Insight Skills

  • The Nature of Insight
  • The Triarchic View of Insight
  • Examples of Insight Problems Involving Selective Encoding, Selective Combination, and Selective Comparison

Goal 6: Understanding Basic Principles and Pitfalls in the Teaching of Thinking

  • The Principles
  • The Pitfalls

Goal 7: Understanding Why Good Thinkers Fail (Too Often)

Final Review and Summary



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