Preventing Violence in Relationships: Interventions Across the Life Span

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In Preventing Violence in Relationships, contributing authors take a developmental approach to examining violence prevention in intimate relationships and families. Until recently, the study of violence prevention has focused on reducing the incidence of assaults by strangers, despite statistics that indicate that people are twice as likely to be victimized by a friend, relative, or intimate partner. Authors view relationship violence not only as something that may be prevented at many points during the lifespan of a person but also as something that must be prevented at key points, especially during childhood, if violence is to be reduced in the future.

All violence is essentially interpersonal, so the contributors to this book focus on healthy interpersonal relationship skills as the basis for preventing violence. Each chapter covers relationship violence at a different stage of life and in different relationships, from child and partner abuse through rape and elder abuse. Authors provide empirical research results as well as practical guidance for day-to-day interventions in the lives of children and adults. Researchers interested in the field of violence prevention as well as practitioners working with the victims or perpetrators of violence will find this book to be a valuable resource in their efforts.

Table of Contents


Introduction: New Directions in Preventing Interpersonal Violence
—Paul A. Schewe

  1. School-Based Child Sexual Abuse Prevention
    —Sandy K. Wurtele
  2. Reconceptualizing Child Sexual Abuse as a Public Health Concern
    —Keith Kaufman, Michelle Barber, Heather Mosher, and Megan Carter
  3. Interventions for Children Victimized by Peers
    —Heidi Gazelle and Gary W. Ladd
  4. Dating Violence Education: Prevention and Early Intervention Strategies
    —Sarah Avery-Leaf and Michele Cascardi
  5. Guidelines for Developing Rape Prevention and Risk Reduction Interventions
    —Paul A. Schewe
  6. Rape Avoidance: Self-Protection Strategies for Women
    —Sarah E. Ullman
  7. Fostering Men's Responsibility for Preventing Sexual Assault
    —Alan D. Berkowitz
  8. Recent Therapeutic Advances in the Prevention of Domestic Violence
    —Sabina M. Low, Natalie D. Monarch, Scott Hartman, and Howard Markman
  9. Violence and the Elderly Population: Issues for Prevention
    —Deborah Henderson, Jeffrey A. Buchanan, and Jane E. Fisher
  10. Evaluating Prevention Programs: Challenges and Benefits of Measuring Outcomes
    —Paul A. Schewe and Larry W. Bennett

Conclusion: Past, Present, and Future Directions for Preventing Violence in Relationships
—Paul A. Schewe

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Schewe offers a collection of essays that provide sound developmental perspectives of interpersonal violence and interventions to prevent violence in relationships across the life span. Chapters examine risk reduction programs that target school-based violence, dating violence, sexual abuse, sexual assault, domestic violence, and elderly abuse, offering both evaluation and future directions for prevention…Easy to read, practical, and fascinating, Schewe's guide summarizes the research data on what works.
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