B.F. Skinner: A Life

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Copyright: 1997
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This reissued biography of one of the world's most eminent psychologists will appeal to interested general readers as much as it will to psychologists. Accessible and engaging, it brings Skinner fully to life, describing his youth, family, and education; his early and lingering desires to become famous as a writer or artist; his lifelong fascination with literary and "bohemian" figures; his difficult marriage; and his devotion to his children. The author strips away many misconceptions about the great behaviorist. The result is a fascinating narrative of a fascinating life, of the astounding breakthroughs Skinner made as a researcher, and the lasting influences that his work has on the science of psychology.

Table of Contents


  1. Inventive Beginnings
  2. Between Two Lives
  3. A Hill of Dreams
  4. The Birth of a New Science
  5. Behaviorist at Large
  6. The Social Inventor Emerges
  7. A Design for Living
  8. Educational Engineering
  9. Beyond the American Tradition
  10. Master of Self-Management