Teaching Introductory Psychology: Survival Tips From the Experts

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This book is a practical and easy-to-read survival guide for first-time "intro psych" teachers, written by authors of best-selling introductory psychology textbooks. It is an inspiring combination of these well-known authors' own teaching techniques, philosophies, tips, and personal recollections. Teaching Introductory Psychology provides proven teaching activities and offers ideas on how to structure the course, how to choose what material to teach, and how to teach with passion and engage students.

Table of Contents

List of Contributors

—Richard A. Griggs

  1. A Passion for Psychology: Teaching It Charismatically, Integrating Teaching and Research Synergistically, and Writing About It Engagingly
    —Philip G. Zimbardo
  2. Reflections on Teaching Introductory Psychology
    —Douglas A. Bernstein
  3. Teaching Is a Scholarly Activity: The Idea-Centered Approach to Introducing Psychology
    —Peter Gray
  4. Why I Teach the Way I Do: Repackaging Psychology
    —Lester A. Lefton
  5. Distilling Psychology Into 700 Pages: Some Goals for Writing an Introductory Psychology Textbook
    —Margaret W. Matlin
  6. Still Giving Psychology Away After All These Years
    —Charles G. Morris
  7. Professing Psychology With Passion
    —David G. Myers
  8. Model for Being an Effective Instructor
    —Rod Plotnik
  9. Teaching Students to Think as Psychologists
    —Robert J. Sternberg
  10. On Thinking Critically About Introductory Psychology
    —Carole E. Wade
  11. Using One's Own Passion and Undergraduate TAs to Transform the Large-Lecture Introductory Psychology Course
    —Camille B. Wortman and Joshua M. Smyth

—Charles L. Brewer


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