Perspectives on Psychology and the Media

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The many hats worn by today's media psychologists—as radio psychologists, expert panelists for TV talk shows, commentators for newspapers or TV news shows, and researchers on the effects of media content—exemplify the complex relationship between media and psychology. The evolving and diversifying field of media psychology encourages both consumers and producers to see the media as a vehicle for promoting psychological health and to recognize its power to influence the lives its viewers. Perspectives on Psychology and the Media chronicles the precarious and turbulent journey prior to media psychologists' acceptance and popularity within both the professional psychology and communications industries.

Table of Contents


—Florence W. Kaslow

—Lilli Friedland, Dianna Adile Kirschner, and Sam Kirschner

I. Research

  1. Children's Empathy and the Media: Realizing the Potential of Television
    —Norma Dietch Feshbach and Seymour Feshbach
  2. Impact of Media Violence on Children, Adolescents, and Adults
    —Edward Donnerstein and Stacy L. Smith
  3. Gender and Age in Prime-Time Television
    —George Gerbner
  4. MTV, Adolescence, and Madonna: A Discourse Analysis
    —E. Ann Kaplan

II. Practice

  1. The Pioneers of Media Psychology
    —Lilli Friedland and Fredrick Koenig
  2. The Voice of America: Culturally Sensitive Radio
    —Florence W. Kaslow
  3. The Media Psychologist on TV
    —Richard Tananbaum
  4. New Roles for Psychologists in the Mass Media
    —Lawrence Kutner

III. Epilogue

  1. Future Directions for Media Psychology
    —Sam Kirschner and Diana Adile Kirschner


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