Lightner Witmer: His Life and Times

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This book chronicles the life of a major figure in American psychology. Lightner Witmer, widely recognized as the founder of clinical psychology, is perhaps best known for establishing the world's first psychological clinic at the University of Pennsylvania in 1896. Witmer was also a primary pioneer of school psychology and special education, but his most enduring contribution may be his insistence that the fruits of scientific psychology could have practical benefits—that is, that psychology could be mobilized to help people having personal difficulties in living.

Author Paul McReynolds, the preeminent authority on Witmer, presents Witmer's life in a largely chronological, narrative fashion, in which personal events and circumstances provide an enriching backdrop to Witmer's scientific, academic, and clinical accomplishments.

Table of Contents



Sources and Acknowledgments

  1. Early Life
  2. College Years
  3. Philadelphia and Leipzig
  4. Professional Beginnings
  5. The First Psychological Clinic
  6. At the Turn of the Century
  7. A New Profession: Clinical Psychology
  8. The Restoration of Children
  9. Travels, Talks, and Tests
  10. The War Era
  11. New Directions
  12. Slowing Down
  13. Later Career and Retirement
  14. Epilogue: The Significance of Witmer's Lifework



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