Shaping the Future of Feminist Psychology: Education, Research, and Practice

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This groundbreaking book is the collective outcome of the first National Conference on Education and Training in Feminist Practice, convened to explore, integrate, and create a cohesive agenda for training and educating in feminist practice for the next decade. It brings together the nation's foremost feminist psychologists to address how psychology can be re-created in keeping with feminist principles and practices.

This volume will be of interest to psychologists who wish to incorporate feminist principles into their work and to educators who wish to institute a gender-sensitive curriculum within undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral training.


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  1. Introduction: Creating the Future: Process and Promise in Feminist Practice
    —Judith Worell and Norine G. Johnson
  2. Feminist Theory and Psychological Practice
    —Mary Brabeck and Laura Brown
  3. Feminist Perspectives on Assessment
    —Maryann Santos de Barona and Mary Ann Dutton
  4. Feminist Therapy: From Dialogue to Tenets
    —Karen Fraser Wyche and Joy K. Rice
  5. Feminist Research: Practice and Problems
    —Frances K. Grossman, Lucia A. Gilbert, Nancy P. Genero,Susan E. Hawes, Janet S. Hyde, and Jeanne Marecek
  6. Feminist Curriculum Development: Principles and Resources
    —Jean Lau Chin and Nancy Felipe Russo
  7. Preaching What We Practice: Principles and Strategies of Feminist Pedagogy
    —Ellen Kimmel and Judith Worell
  8. Covision: Feminist Supervision, Process, and Collaboration
    —Natalie Porter and Melba Vasquez
  9. Diversity: Advancing an Inclusive Feminist Psychology
    —Beverly Greene and Janis Sanchez-Hucles
  10. Postdoctoral Training in Feminist Psychological Practice
    —Norine G. Johnson and Pam Remer
  11. Feminist Student Voices
    —Baker's Dozen
  12. Afterword
    —Norine G. Johnson and Judith Worell

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This is an important book. It crosses a number of specialty areas in psychology…This book grasps the essence of feminist thinking as it continues to evolve toward the end of this century…The authors challenge patriarchal topics and focus on women's topics which, they feel, have been ignored until recently…Worell and Johnson provide helpful guidelines to feminist practice…It would be too bad if we fail to include this book in academic programs.
—Contemporary Psychology®, 1998, Vol 43, No 10