Family Evaluation in Custody Litigation: Reducing Risks of Ethical Infractions and Malpractice

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In Family Evaluation in Custody Litigation, authors Benjamin and Gollan provide a step-by-step child custody assessment protocol that protects families, while at the same time helps new evaluators minimize the likelihood of committing ethical infractions or malpractice.

For mental health professionals interested in beginning a career in forensic child custody assessment, balancing both the legal and clinical issues that surround family evaluations and custody disputes can be complicated. Without this knowledge, the risk of causing undue emotional injury increases.

The book puts family litigation into context and reviews the legal evidentiary standards that pertain to psychological testing, scientific evidence, and expert witness testimony used in the court system. Although written for the novice evaluator, it can help enhance the clinical skills of even the most seasoned evaluators, because it offers a complete overview of the judicial process and the evolving changes in the standards of practice. The authors share invaluable materials, including a sample written evaluation report and other forms that readers can adapt for use in their own practices.

This book draws from a practical and straightforward assessment methodology that is founded on empirical research, clinical expertise, and professional practice. Those also interested in cultivating a practice outside the parameters of the managed health care system will find the authors' instruction useful. The book is recommended reading for any mental health professional who wants to conduct custody evaluations while adhering to the highest ethical standards and guidelines.

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