Shy Children, Phobic Adults: Nature and Treatment of Social Phobia

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Shy Children, Phobic Adults describes the clinical presentation of social phobia, discusses theoretical perspectives on etiology, and surveys empirically supported treatments used to treat the disorder.

Although social phobia occurs in children and adults, its manifestation and treatment differ in various age groups. Beidel and Turner describe the similarities and differences in the syndrome across all ages. Drawing from the clinical, social, and developmental literatures, as well as from their own extensive clinical experience, the authors illustrate the impact of developmental stage on phenomenology, diagnoses, and assessment and treatment of social phobia. Within the different age groups, issues of etiology, prevalence, and clinical management are presented. The volume is enriched by the inclusion of many case illustrations and practical information.

This highly informative and comprehensive volume will make for illuminating reading for practitioners, researchers, and students.


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