The Breast Cancer Notebook: The Healing Power of Reflection

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The Breast Cancer Notebook is a compassionate, beautifully written journal tool for women who have chosen to participate in group counseling after receiving a breast cancer diagnosis. Using a voice that conveys respect for and knowledge of the varieties of experience a breast cancer diagnosis can bring, this book challenges the reader to delve as deeply as she can into her individual experience. Intimate details of the illness and its life-altering effects on the self, family, work, love relationships, and friendships are explored. The authors also provide invaluable information about communicating with one's medical team while gently encouraging readers to consider sensitive issues such as negotiating financial and workplace challenges, approaching sexuality and intimate relationships, and developing new techniques to reprioritize nutritional, physical, and spiritual self-care.

The Breast Cancer Notebook is intended to be used concert with its companion book for group therapists, Group Psychotherapy for Women with Breast Cancer.

Table of Contents



  1. Finding Your Way
  2. How Are You Coping With Breast Cancer?
  3. Breast Cancer Treatment
  4. Coping with Treatment Side Effects
  5. Communicating with Members of Your Medical Team
  6. Family and Friends
  7. Work
  8. Body Image and Sexuality
  9. Feeling Better: Relaxation, Nutrition and Exercise
  10. Ending Treatment
  11. Suggestions for the Soul
  12. Finishing the Group


About the Authors

Author Bios

Ava Louise Stanton, LCSW, is a licensed clinical social worker who has focused her work on supporting patients with chronic illness and their families for over 10 years. She has worked at the University of California–Los Angeles (UCLA), the American Cancer Society, and has consulted for the American Psychological Association (APA). She maintains a small private practice for women dealing with cancer, whose experience and insight inform this notebook. She lives with her family in Santa Monica, California.

Geoffrey M. Reed, PhD, is a clinical and health psychologist whose work has focused on responses to life-threatening illnesses, including HIV and breast cancer. Dr. Reed was formerly a member of the research faculty of the Department of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences at UCLA. He is currently assistant executive director for professional development in the Practice Directorate at the APA, where he is responsible for the development and implementation of collaborative marketplace demonstration projects focused on improving health care outcomes and patient care.

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