Dream Work in Therapy: Facilitating Exploration, Insight, and Action

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In Dream Work in Therapy, distinguished researchers and clinicians explore Clara Hill's cognitive-experiential model for working with dreams. Dreams are useful therapeutic tools because they help people circumvent their defenses to reach deeper levels of self-awareness. Developed over many years by Hill and her students, the approach integrates aspects from several existing dream theories, such as Freudian, Jungian, Gestalt, phenomenological, client-centered, and behavioral, to create a theoretically consistent, three-staged model. Working in collaboration with their clients (patients), therapists can help them explore their dreams, gain insight into the meaning of their dreams, and take action to resolve issues in their waking life.

The book discusses the theoretical basis of the model and provides clear instructions for implementing it in practice. Through the use of valuable clinical examples, authors present extensions of the model in specific settings and populations, such as groups, men, the bereaved, and nightmare sufferers. Of particular interest to readers will be the last part of the book, which describes how to train therapists to use the model and provides a detailed review of the model's empirical research.

This invaluable approach offers therapists and their clients a structured but flexible method for maximizing the therapeutic benefits of working with dreams.

Table of Contents


Alan B.Siegel



Clara E. Hill

I. Overview of the Hill Cognitive–Experiential Dream Model

  1. The Exploration Stage
    Clara E. Hill
  2. The Insight Stage
    Clara E. Hill
  3. The Action Stage
    Clara E. Hill

II. Extensions of the Hill Cognitive–Experiential Dream Model

  1. Working With Dreams in Ongoing Psychotherapy
    Mary C. Cogar
  2. Working With Dreams in Groups
    Teresa L. Wonnell
  3. Self-Guided Methods for Working With Dreams
    Jason S. Zack
  4. Incorporating Spirituality Into Dream Work
    Timothy L. Davis
  5. Dreams of the Bereaved
    Shirley A. Hess
  6. Using Dreams to Work With Male Clients
    Aaron B. Rochlen
  7. Working With Nightmares
    Kristin J. Heaton

III. Training and Research on the Hill Cognitive–Experiential Dream Model

  1. Training Therapists to Work With Dreams in Therapy
    Rachel E. Crook
  2. Research on the Hill Cognitive–Experiential Dream Model
    Clara E. Hill and Melissa K. Goates


  1. Steps of the Dream Interpretation Model
  2. Attitudes Toward Dreams Scale
  3. Gains From Dream Interpretation Measure
  4. Therapist-Rated Adherence Measure


About the Editor

Editor Bio

Clara E. Hill earned her PhD at Southern Illinois University in 1974. She started as an Assistant Professor in the Counseling Psychology Program at the Department of Psychology, University of Maryland, where she is currently a Professor and Co-Director of the Counseling Psychology Program. She has been the President of the Society for Psychotherapy Research, the Editor of the Journal of Counseling Psychology, and the winner of the Leona Tyler Award from Division 17 of the American Psychological Association. She is North American Editor-Elect of Psychotherapy Research, the journal of the Society for Psychotherapy Research.

Her major research interests are dream work, psychotherapy process, and training therapists in helping skills. She has published over 120 journal articles, 20 chapters in books, and four books: Therapist Techniques and Client Outcomes: Eight Cases of Brief Psychotherapy (Sage, 1989); Working with Dreams in Psychotherapy (Guilford, 1996); Helping Skills: Facilitating Exploration, Insight, and Action (APA, 1999); and Helping Skills: The Empirical Foundation (APA, 2001).

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…this volume is destined to become a classic in its field. Essential.
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