Personality-Guided Therapy in Behavioral Medicine

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In Personality-Guided Therapy in Behavioral Medicine, Robert G. Harper integrates a broad research base on how personality type interacts with and affects the course of common medical conditions, such as cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. Using Theodore Millon's Personality-Guided Psychotherapy as a framework, he illuminates why and how patients with specific personality attributes interact with their health care providers, make lifestyle choices that affect the course of disease, make use of psychosocial supports, and cope with the demands of illness as well as treatment. Filled with practical guidance and strategies for treatment in a hospital or outpatient setting, this book has the potential to be of great practical utility for clinicians. Researchers, too, will benefit from an understanding of the various personality disorders and their implications for prevention and treatment.

Table of Contents

Series Foreword


Introduction: Behavioral Medicine

  1. Behavioral Medicine Theory and Medical Disease
  2. Schizoid Personality
  3. Paranoid Personality
  4. Schizotypal Personality
  5. Histrionic Personality
  6. Narcissistic Personality
  7. Antisocial Personality
  8. Borderline Personality
  9. Dependent Personality
  10. Avoidant Personality
  11. Compulsive Personality
  12. Personality Disorders Not Otherwise Specified
  13. Future Directions


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This fascinating, cutting-edge book lays the groundwork for the integration of health psychology and behavioral medicine. This alone is a monumental step forward and challenges long-held assumptions about the difficulty of treating such disorders. Highly recommended.
—CHOICE Magazine