Portraits of Pioneers in Psychology, Volume V

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Portraits of Pioneers in Psychology, Volume V is the next book in the inspirational and informative series that profiles psychology's pioneers. Leading scholars write about the psychological pioneers who influenced their own areas of expertise. As with previous volumes, this one also traces the origins of the major currents in psychology—from behavioral genetics to conditioning and learning, from personality and psychotherapy to gender, politics, and race.

Readers will learn about the "giants" of the major schools of psychological thought—structuralism, psychoanalysis, behaviorism, functionalism, and Gestalt theory—and trace the cross-fertilization of ideas across schools and disciplines. Volume V features 20 pioneers who include G. Stanley Hall, Margaret Floy Washburn, William McDougall, Kurt Goldstein, June Etta Downey, and Frederick M. Lord.

The Portraits of Pioneers in Psychology series promotes the outstanding but sometimes neglected contributions of groundbreaking early psychologists. Through the examination of individuals' lives and work, readers will learn about specific schools, fields, and perspectives in psychology and gain an appreciation of how psychology has evolved in both methodology and focus. Presented in non-academic and colloquial styles, this series is ideal for the classroom or academic reference.

Copublished by American Psychological Association and Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc.

Table of Contents


Portraits of the Authors and Editors

  1. Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz: Underappreciated Pioneer of Psychology
    —Raymond E. Fancher and Heather Schmidt
  2. G. Stanley Hall: Educator, Organizer, and Pioneer Developmental Psychologist
    —John D. Hogan
  3. Harry Kirke Wolfe: A Teacher is Forever
    —Ludy T. Benjamin, Jr.
  4. James Rowland Angell: Born Administrator
    —Donald A. Dewsbury
  5. Margaret Floy Washburn: A Quest for the Harmonies in the Context of a Rigorous Scientific Framework
    —Wayne Viney and Laura Burlingame-Lee
  6. William McDougall: "A Major Tragedy?"
    —Nancy K. Innis
  7. June Etta Downey: Pioneer of Personality Measurement
    —John D. Hogan and Dennis N. Thompson
  8. Kurt Goldstein: Clinician and Philosopher of Human Nature
    —Wade E. Pickren
  9. Walter Van Dyke Bingham: Portrait of an Industrial Psychologist
    —Ludy T. Benjamin, Jr. and David B. Baker
  10. Albert Michotte: A Psychologist for All Sites and Seasons
    —Eileen A. Gavin
  11. Wolfgang Metzger: A Perspective of His Life and Work
    —Herbert Götzl (Translated by Heiko Hecht)
  12. Nancy Bayley: Pioneer in the Measurement of Growth and Psychological Development
    —Judy F. Rosenblith
  13. Egon Brunswik: Student of Achievement
    —Elke Kurz-Milcke and Nancy K. Innis
  14. Leona Tyler: Pioneer of Possibilities
    —Ruth E. Fassinger
  15. Solomon Asch: Scientist and Humanist
    —Clark McCauley and Paul Rozin
  16. Anne Anastasi: Master of Differential Psychology and Psychometrics
    —John D. Hogan
  17. Harry Frederick Harlow: And One Thing Led to Another…
    —Helen A. LeRoy and Gregory A. Kimble
  18. Frederick M. Lord: Measurement Theorist and Statistician
    —Bert F. Green
  19. Mary Ainsworth: Insightful Observer and Courageous Theoretician
    —Inge Bretherton
  20. Floyd Ratliff and the Neural Foundations of Perception
    —John S. Werner and Lothar Spillmann