Professionals in Distress: Issues, Syndromes, and Solutions in Psychology

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Copyright: 1986
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Stress that affects us professionally—it's an issue as sensitive as it is serious; the impact on clients can be great. How does one recognize the distressed professional? What causes distress? How can family and friends help? How should a colleague confront him or her? Support him or her? What about prevention? Organized into three sections, "Issues," Syndromes," and "Solutions," Professionals in Distress defines the problems, discusses the major dysfunctional syndromes that professionals experience, and provides specific advice for colleagues, families, and interested others about what can be done to assist the distressed.

Table of Contents

—Richard R. Kilburg

I. Issues

  1. The Distressed Professional: The Nature of the Problem
    —Richard R. Kilburg
  2. Unanswered Questions About Distressed Professionals
    —Peter E. Nathan
  3. Training Issues for Professionals in Distress
    —Richard W. Thoreson

II. Syndromes

  1. Stress, Burnout, and Workaholism
    —Christina Maslach
  2. Alcohol Abuse Among Psychologists
    —Richard W. Thoreson and Jane K. Skorina
  3. Sources of Emotional and Mental Disorder Among Psychologists: A Career Development Perspective
    —Theodore Millon, Carrie Millon, and Michael Antoni
  4. Chemical Abuse Among Psychologists: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment Issues
    —Herbert J. Freudenberger
  5. The Distressed Psychologist: Sexual Intimacies and Exploitation
    —Annette M. Brodsky
  6. Legal Liability and Psychologists
    —Randolph P. Reaves

III. Solutions

  1. Therapy With Distressed Psychotherapists: Special Problems and Challenges
    —Florence W. Kaslow
  2. Confronting and Supporting Colleagues in Distress
    —Gary R. VandenBos and Rita F. Duthie
  3. Advice to Families and Friends of Psychologists in Distress
    —Barbara S. McCrady and William Frankenstein
  4. Preventing and Managing Job-Related Stress
    —Cary Cherniss and Stephen A. Dantzig
  5. Issues and Procedures in the Disciplining of Distressed Psychologists
    —Judy E. Hall