Handbook of Clinical Health Psychology, Volume 3: Models and Perspectives in Health Psychology

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The third and final volume in this series highlights the development of psychology as a health science. A diverse group of leading researchers and clinicians detail the philosophical underpinnings on which the field is based identifying psychology's contribution to healthcare and public health. This volume highlights the development of psychology as a health science, identifies psychology's contribution to public health, and successfully integrates psychological theory to better understand the interface of health, psychology, disease, and behavior. Chapters encompass research perspectives, clinical issues, and public health and policy topics.

This practical sourcebook will be an invaluable reference for health psychologists and medical professionals. The three volumes are both comprehensive and specific as they relate to the entire field of health psychology. Topics in Volume 1 explore the role of behavior and psychology in a wide range of medical disorders, and use the ICD-9 diagnostic classification as a basis. Volume 2 examines how behavior affects the development, progression, and treatment of specific medical disorders. This set could be used as an encyclopedia, a manual, or a comprehensive text. It is meant to encompass a newly developing, rapidly expanding, scientifically validating, and clinically recognized area concerned with human health and health care delivery.

The Handbook of Clinical Health Psychology series also includes Volume 1: Medical Disorders and Behavioral Applications (2002) and Volume 2: Disorders of Behavior and Health (2004).

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