Treating Patients With Alcohol and Other Drug Problems: An Integrated Approach

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Drug and alcohol use are so common among people in therapy that most practitioners should be prepared to encounter it in their patients. Sometimes drugs or alcohol may be the patient's main problem; other times, they exacerbate existing problems. In both cases, patients often fail to disclose that they use drugs. Many therapists don't know how to get this information, or the best way to treat these patients when they do.

Treating Patients With Alcohol and Other Drug Problems: An Integrated Approach points out ways that therapists can deduce whether a client might be abusing drugs. The authors review the etiology of drug dependence and different methods of assessment, the range of treatment approaches and the types of patients appropriate for them, and relapse prevention. Included in the volume are numerous case examples, a list of resources, and an overview of the treatment community (both self-help and professional), which describes the basic assumptions and operating principles of treatment modalities in an effort to minimize the miscommunication that can occur when professionals from different "cultures" attempt to collaborate on patient care.

Table of Contents



  1. Psychologists in the Substance Abuse Field
  2. Models and Theories of Addiction
  3. Assessment
  4. Treatment Modalities and the Continuum of Care
  5. Determining Appropriate Treatment: The Collaborative Challenge
  6. Individual Psychotherapy
  7. Family Therapy
  8. Group Therapy and Self-Help Groups
  9. Relapse Prevention



  1. Adult Admission Criteria
  2. Handouts From the Matrix Center
  3. Resources

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