Personality-Guided Forensic Psychology

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In Personality-Guided Forensic Psychology, Robert J. Craig discusses the hot area of forensic psychology—the crossroads of law and psychology—and illustrates how personality-guided assessment is a useful tool in the multiple arenas in which forensic psychologists are active: child custody evaluation, fitness for duty evaluations, personal injury, domestic violence, and many others.

The volume begins with an overview of forensic psychology and the personality theories most relevant to forensic psychology. Chapters cover assessments ranging from relatively normal evaluations (police applicants and officers, custody and personal injury) to those in which severe pathology may come into play (domestic violence and homicide).

The book offers a wealth of data on personality-test scores of chronic pain patients, patients who litigate, those who commit sexual or other physical abuse or murder, and others. Psychologists who serve as expert witnesses of friends of the court in legal proceedings, those choosing candidates for intervention programs, and students of forensic psychology will find this book indispensable.

Volumes in the Personality-Guided Psychology series demonstrate the utility and relevance of assessing personality variables in an array of matters of interest to psychologists. Each book illustrates how a clinical syndrome or behavior can be understood in the context of the patient's unique pattern of overall trait dynamics.

Table of Contents

Series Foreword



  1. Introduction to Forensic Psychological Practice
  2. Models of Personality
  3. Police Psychology
  4. Child Custody Evaluations
  5. Personal Injury
  6. Harassment
  7. Sexual Offenders
  8. Assessment of Abuse, Aggression, and Lethal Violence
  9. Future Directions


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