Resolution of Inner Conflict: An Introduction to Psychoanalytic Therapy, Second Edition

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Resolution of Inner Conflict: An Introduction to Psychoanalytic Therapy, Second Edition gives readers a thorough course on how to do psychoanalytic therapy.

The authors provide a step-by-step analysis of the key points in the process of psychoanalytic therapy as well as important topics and issues that may arise during therapy. After reviewing the foundations of psychoanalytic theory, the authors launch into the practical steps of this therapy, from the initial interview with the client and the structure of therapy through personal responses to the client, transference, resistance, dream interpretation, and termination. The authors then examine important topics such as psychoanalytic therapy with female clients and the application of psychoanalytic concepts to services other than therapy.

This indispensable guide is thoroughly supported with references to literature and research on this approach and includes discussions of founders of the field such as Freud as well as the most recent writers on psychoanalytic therapy. The new, thoroughly updated edition is an unsurpassed introduction to this time-tested and effective method of therapy.

Table of Contents


I. Foundations

  1. Introduction
  2. Personality Theory
  3. Basic Principles of Psychoanalytic Therapy

II. Conducting Therapy

  1. The Initial Interview: Assumptions, Purposes, and Techniques
  2. Structure of the Therapy: Practical Arrangements
  3. Instructions to the Client: How and When the Therapist Educates
  4. Personal Responses of the Therapist
  5. Resistance: The Ego Defends Against the Unconscious Becoming Conscious
  6. Transference: The Client Unconsciously Experiences the Therapist
  7. Understanding Communications From the Unconscious
  8. Interpretation: The Therapist and Client Bring the Unconscious Conflict to Light
  9. Support and Relationship in Psychoanalytic Therapy
  10. Theory and Strategy of Dream Interpretation
  11. The Changes Produced by Therapy
  12. Termination: When and How to Stop Therapy

III. Special Issues in Psychoanalytic Practice

  1. How Is Therapy With Women Different?
  2. Developments in Psychoanalytic Therapy Since Freud
  3. Applying Psychoanalytic Concepts to Services That Are Not Therapy


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