The Primary Care Consultant: The Next Frontier for Psychologists in Hospitals and Clinics

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In The Primary Care Consultant: The Next Frontier for Psychologists in Hospitals and Clinics, editors Larry C. James and Raymond A. Folen survey innovative programs that integrate health psychology into primary health care in the Department of Defense, VA hospitals, and selected specialty settings, offering a view of what lies ahead for psychologists in the expanding world of behavioral health care.

Chapter authors describe and illustrate their cutting-edge programs and practices, providing valuable models and insights on how a consultative model works in practice, how to make telehealth applications effective, what technical knowledge health psychologists will need to function in primary care, and what new settings hold promise for the future.

Chapters explore how psychologists contribute knowledge of how illness affects psychological and psychosocial functioning, help motivate patients for behavioral changes to enhance health and improve prognosis, and assess for treatment needs (for example, uncover cognitive deterioration that might suggest central nervous system problems).

With chapters focused on collaborative work with women's health care professionals and in men's health care, the book demonstrates specifically how a biopsychosocial model is applied to working with specific populations.

Table of Contents


Series Foreword



I. A New Way of Conceptualizing Health Psychology in the Primary Care Setting

  1. A Primer on the Consultation Model of Primary Care Behavioral Health Integration
    —Anderson B. Rowan and Christine N. Runyan
  2. Assessing the Patient's Need for Medical Evaluation: A Psychologist's Guide
    —John D. Robinson and Larry C. James

II. Treatment Applications: Adult Interventions

  1. A Multidisciplinary Approach To Pain management In The Primary Care Setting
    —John D. Otis, M. Carrington Reid, and Robert D. Kerns
  2. Psychological Interventions in Patients With Coronary Heart Disease
    —Willem J. Kop
  3. Management and Treatment of HIV/AIDS in Primary Care
    —Wendy A. Law and Curt Buermeyer
  4. Innovative Strategies for Treating Diabetes Mellitus
    —Jay E. Earles
  5. Behavioral Treatment of Insomnia in Primary Care Settings
    —William C. Isler III, Alan L. Peterson, and Diane E. Isler

III. Treatment Applications: Pediatric Interventions

  1. Pediatric Psychology in Primary Care
    —Daniel L. Clay and Marilyn Stern
  2. Pediatric Behavioral Health Consultation: A New Model for Primary Care
    —Joseph R. Etherage
  3. A Conceptual Model for School-Based Prevention Programs in Children and Adolescents in the Next Frontier
    —Dawn K. Wilson and Joel E. Williams

IV. Women's and Men's Health in Primary Care

  1. Women's Health and the Role of Primary Care Psychology
    —Ellen L. Poleshuck
  2. Women's Sexual Issues in Primary Care
    —Meg I. Striepe
  3. Men's Health In Primary Care: Future Applications for Psychologists
    —Corey J. Habben

V. Information Technology Applications for Primary Care

  1. Telehealth and Health Psychology: Emerging Issues in Contemporary Practice
    —Raymond A. Folen, Larry C. James, Mark Verschell, and Jay E. Earles

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