Personality-Guided Relational Psychotherapy: A Unified Approach

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In Personality-Guided Relational Therapy, author Jeffrey J. Magnavita demonstrates how personality theory guides his approach to psychotherapy. His empirically founded new model provides a flexible and evolving theory and approach to therapy that draws from more than a century of developments in the field of psychology.

This impressive book reconciles and integrates several theoretical viewpoints, enabling clinicians to conceptualize clinical syndromes by understanding the complex interplay of elements from the biopsychosocial model.

Case illustrations demonstrate the theory, methods, and techniques of treatment. Beginning with an overview of the conceptual domains integrated here (affective, cognitive, defensive, neurobiological), and an explanation of why such integration makes sense, Dr. Magnavita moves on to describe his theoretical formulation, its component systems, the developmental progression, and several levels of treatment intervention, moving logically from the individual through the dyad, triad, and larger groups. The book nicely culminates in an integrative chapter devoted to enhancing treatment synergy and a final chapter focused on empirical verification and future directions.

Table of Contents

Series Foreword



I. Theoretical Model

  1. Unified Relational Psychotherapy: Beyond Integration
  2. Theoretical Foundation
  3. Components of a Unified Treatment Approach: Psychopathology, Personality Theory, and Psychotherapy

II. Component Systems and Assessment

  1. Component Systems of the Relational Matrix
  2. The Developmental Progression: From Infancy to Adulthood
  3. Personality Systemics Assessment: Classification, Typologies, and Process

III. Methods of Treatment

  1. Intrapsychic Restructuring: Working in the Intrapsychic–Biological Triangle
  2. Dyadic Restructuring: Working in the Interpersonal–Dyadic Triangle
  3. Triadic Restructuring: Working in the Relational–Triadic Matrix
  4. Mesosystem Restructuring and the Total Ecological System

IV. Strategies and Empirical Challenges

  1. Enhancing Treatment Synergy: Formulation and Delivery of Treatment Packages
  2. Paradigm Shifts: Empirical Challenges, Convergence, and Future Directions


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