Clinical Dilemmas in Psychotherapy: A Transtheoretical Approach to Psychotherapy Integration

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Clinical Dilemmas in Psychotherapy: A Transtheoretical Approach to Psychotherapy Integration, Douglas J. Scaturo addresses the kinds of questions posed by both new and experienced psychotherapists alike, such as: When should I shift from an exploratory mode of treatment to more active behavioral intervention? Am I identifying too much with this patient's life? Questions like these are typical of the dilemmas facing most psychotherapists each day.

This book describes the process of psychotherapy from the standpoint of managing the fundamental dilemmas that confront all psychotherapists, regardless of theoretical approach or treatment modality used. The author explores how typical dilemmas are managed, including those that are unique to specific orientations, those related to specific aspects of the therapeutic process, and those that arise in working with particular client groups, such as families and couples. While several books on the market address ethical conduct and dilemmas, this one uniquely focuses on dilemmas of psychotherapeutic technique, and the gray area where technical and ethical matters overlap.

By exploring the dialectic involved in resolving common dilemmas, new and seasoned therapists alike will gain tools for practice and a good dose of clinical wisdom. Patients will benefit by their therapist's modeling of an effective approach to everyday conflicts and dilemmas in their own lives.

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