Portraits of Pioneers in Psychology, Volume III

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Over the past century, various men and women have forged psychology into a dynamic science, leaving behind a rich legacy of innovative research and theoretical perspectives. The volumes in the Portraits of Pioneers in Psychology series chronicle the lives of these giants in the field and outline their influences on psychology today. The aim of this book is to promote psychology's appreciation of these sometimes neglected giants in the field. Through the examination of these individuals, the readers will come to understand specific schools, fields, and perspectives in psychology, and will gain an appreciation of how psychology has evolved, in both methodology and focus, over the years.

Copublished by American Psychological Association and Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc.

Table of Contents


Portraits of the Editors and Authors

  1. Laurens Perseus Hickok: Philosopher, Theologian, and Psychologist
    —John K. Bare
  2. Charles Darwin: Father of Evolutionary Psychology
    —R. Bruce Masterton
  3. Leipzig, Wilhelm Wundt, and Psychology's Gilded Age
    —Arthur L. Blumenthal
  4. Hermann Ebbinghaus: On the Road to Progress or Down the Garden Path?
    —C. Alan Boneau
  5. Alfred Binet, General Psychologist
    —Raymond E. Fancher
  6. L. L. Thurstone's Vision of Psychology As a Quantitative Rational Science
    —Lyle V. Jones
  7. Kurt Lewin: His Psychology and a Daughter's Recollections
    —Miriam A. Lewin
  8. Floyd Henry Allport: Founder of Social Psychology As a Behavioral Science
    —Daniel Katz, Blair T. Johnson, and Diana R. Nichols
  9. The Legacy of Jean Piaget
    —Edward Zigler and Elizabeth Gilman
  10. Karl Duncker: Productive Problems With Beautiful Solutions
    —D. Brett King, Michaella Cox, and Michael Wertheimer
  11. Milton Erickson: Scientist, Hypnotist, Healer
    —Harold Schiffman
  12. Zing-Yang Kuo: Radical Scientist Philosopher and Innovative Experimentalist
    —Gilbert Gottlieb
  13. Myrtle McGraw: Pioneer in Neurobehavioral Development
    —Thomas C. Dalton and Victor W. Bergenn
  14. Henry W. Nissen: Quiet Comparative Psychologist
    —Donald A. Dewsbury
  15. Carl Rogers and the Culture of Psychotherapy
    —Martin Lakin
  16. Burrhus Frederick Skinner: The Contingencies of a Life
    —Daniel W. Bjork
  17. Kenneth W. Spence: Theorist With an Empiricist Conscience
    —Gregory A. Kimble
  18. David Krech: Scientist and Social Activist
    —Nancy K. Innis
  19. Benton J. Underwood: A Tribute of Memories
    —Joel S. Freund
  20. Leon Festinger: Beyond the Obvious
    —Jack W. Brehm