A Spiritual Strategy for Counseling and Psychotherapy, Second Edition

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A Spiritual Strategy for Counseling and Psychotherapy, Second Edition shows mental health professionals how to deal sensitively with clients whose spirituality or religion is an important part of their lives.

This book highlights the therapeutic possibilities religion and spirituality can offer. Building on the success of the first edition, the new edition provides timely updates and additional theoretical grounding for integrating a theistic, spiritual strategy into mainstream psychology.

Also ideal for students and scholars, this book provides helpful background and insight into the history and philosophy of science and psychology, the world religions, the practice of psychotherapy, and the process of research and scientific discovery.

Table of Contents



I. Introduction


  1. The Need for a Theistic Spiritual Strategy (PDF, 395KB)

II. Historical Perspectives

  1. The Alienation Between Religion and Psychology
  2. The New Zeitgeist

III. Theological, Philosophical, and Theoretical Perspectives

  1. Theological and Philosophical Assumptions of Theistic Psychotherapy
  2. Theoretical and Empirical Foundations of Theistic Psychotherapy

IV. Theistic Psychotherapy: Process and Methods

  1. A Theistic View of Psychotherapy
  2. Ethical and Process Issues and Guidelines
  3. Religious and Spiritual Assessment
  4. Religious and Spiritual Practices as Therapeutic Interventions
  5. Spiritual Interventions Used by Contemporary Psychotherapists

V. Research and Future Directions

  1. A Theistic, Spiritual View of Science and Research Methods
  2. Directions for the Future


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