Personality-Guided Behavior Therapy

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To the extent that behaviorists espouse the idea that "people are what they do," the concept of personality-guided therapy might be seen as hard to reconcile with a behaviorist perspective. Yet, as the authors of this volume show, this is far from the case. The latest in Theodore Millon's Personality-Guided Psychology series, this book shows how behavioral views of personality can be applied to produce effective assessment and treatment.

After explaining the basic principles of behavior theory and therapy, the authors outline the primary behavioral strategies used in client assessment and formulation, describe core techniques, and illustrate how such techniques can be applied to clients with a variety of Axis I and Axis II conditions. Clinicians and students alike will find that this book offers empirically-supported treatment guidelines and strategies that can be used successfully with clients in a variety of therapeutic settings.

Volumes in the Personality-Guided Psychology series demonstrate the utility and relevance of assessing personality variables in an array of matters of interest to psychologists. Each book illustrates how a clinical syndrome or behavior can be understood in the context of the patient's unique pattern of overall trait dynamics.

Table of Contents

Series Foreword


  1. Personality and Behavior Theory: Toward the Reconciliation of an Apparent Incompatibility
  2. The History of Behavior Therapy
  3. Characteristics of Behavioral Assessments and Treatment Formulations
  4. Topographically Defined Behavior Patterns Important to Behavioral Assessment and Therapy
  5. Functional Response Domains
  6. The Techniques of Behavior Therapy
  7. Behavioral Treatment of Axis I Disorders
  8. Behavioral Treatment of Personality Disorders


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