Practicing Psychology in Hospitals and Other Health Care Facilities

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Psychologists interested in hospital practice must be prepared to contribute to the facility and to the community at large. The purpose of this consolidated and updated text is to provide information and strategies that will help promote effective utilization of psychologists within hospitals and other health care facilities. Psychologists who wish to gain access to and recognized standing in hospitals, whether as members of salaried staff or on a fee-for-contract basis, will find in the pages of this book a wealth of information about pertinent hospital issues such as staff privileges; organized staff membership; roles for psychologists; and legal, legislative, and regulatory matters that have an impact on such practice. This volume is sure to stimulate discussion and action promoting the hospital practice of psychology.

Table of Contents



I. Hospital Practice for Psychologists

  1. Psychologists' Roles and Responsibilities in Hospital Practice
  2. Training Psychologists for Hospital Practice
  3. The Hospital Organization: Psychological Services in a Hospital Context
  4. The Culture of the Hospital: Rules and Procedures for Survival in a Hospital Practice

II. Advocacy Issues in Hospital Practice

  1. Strategies for Acquiring Medical Staff Membership
  2. Strategies for Legislative and Regulatory Changes

III. Quality Improvement for Psychologists Working in Hospitals and Other Health Care Facilities

  1. The Evolution of Health Care Quality Monitoring
  2. General Guidelines
  3. Primary Components of Quality in the Delivery of Psychological Services in Hospitals and Other Health Care Settings
  4. Fundamental Elements of a Quality Improvement Program for Psychologists in Hospitals and Other Health Care Settings


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  1. Sample Forms
  2. State Laws
  3. Sample Indicators