Mental Health Care for Urban Indians: Clinical Insights From Native Practitioners

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Mental Health Care for Urban Indians: Cultural Insights From Native Practitioners is the first clinical book written by American Indian scholars working in Indian communities. This groundbreaking volume provides the reader with a basic understanding of the historical impact of colonization, the ensuing results of urban migration and boarding schools, and the effects that these events have had on the Native community. These lingering effects include a lack of cultural identity, a loss of tradition, and a sense of isolation that leads to violence, alcoholism, and often-risky behaviors.

Chapter authors acknowledge this history while developing culturally sensitive practice recommendations that incorporate traditional healing methods.

This will be an invaluable resource for psychologists with Native clients.

Table of Contents



An Introduction to First Nation's People
—Tawa M. Witko

I. Historical and Theoretical Background of Urban American Indian Mental Health

  1. A Clinical Understanding of Urban American Indians
    —A. Mike Aragon
  2. Indian Child Welfare Practice Within Urban American Indian/Native American Communities
    —Tessa Evans-Campbell
  3. Mental Health, Wellness, and the Quest for an Authentic American Indian Identity
    —Joseph P. Gone

II. Specific Urban American Indian Treatment Considerations

  1. Healing the Generations: Urban American Indians in Recovery
    —Rose L. Clark
  2. Understanding Domestic Violence Within the Urban Indian Community
    —Tawa M. Witko, Rae Marie Martinez, and Richard Milda
  3. Trauma and the American Indian
    —Nadine Cole

III. New Directions for Working With Urban American Indians

  1. Storytelling as a Healing Tool for American Indians
    —Dolores Subia BigFoot and Megan Dunlap
  2. A Framework for Working With American Indian Parents
    —Tawa M. Witko
  3. Growing Up Indian: Treatment With Urban Indian Adolescents
    —Rose L. Clark and Tawa M. Witko
  4. An Innovative Healing Model: Empowering Urban Native Americans
    —Carrie Lee Johnson

Conclusion: What Psychologists Have Learned and Where They Need To Go
—Tawa M. Witko


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