Practicing in the New Mental Health Marketplace: Ethical, Legal, and Moral Issues

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In the new mental health marketplace, professionals are pressured to play by new rules, and the bottom line seems too often to be money. Corporations have largely taken over what has previously been considered a private interaction between practitioner and client. These marketplace changes are having profound effects on professionals and clients, as well as on the nature of clinical practice itself.

Practicing in the New Mental Health Marketplace focuses on the ethical, legal, and moral questions that these changes have provoked. By reading the varying perspectives of the contributors to this book, clinicians will succeed in practicing effectively, knowledgeably, and ethically in the new mental health marketplace.

Table of Contents

List of Contributors



I. Practice Issues

  1. Defining the Issues: Survey Research in Ethics and Managed Care
    —Laurence R. Barnhill
  2. Evolution of Practice and Values of Professional Psychology
    —Michael J. Murphy
  3. Moral Issues in Managed Mental Health Care
    —Nicholas A. Cummings
  4. Managed Care and Managed Competition: A Question of Morality
  5. Toward a Social Ethic of Mental Health Care: Long-Term Therapy, Short-Term Therapy, and Managed Health Care
    —Carol Shaw Austad and Thomas C. Morgan
  6. Ethics and Outcomes in Managed Behavioral Health Care: "Trust Me, I'm a Psychologist"
    —Sarah Pratt, William H. Berman, and Stephen W. Hurt
  7. Which Master's Voice? Ethical Dilemmas for Managed Care Reviewers
    —Ethan Pollack
  8. Managed Health Care and the Ethics of Clinical Practice in Behavioral Medicine
    —Thomas F. Nagy
  9. Mandated Addiction Services: Potential Ethical Dilemmas
    —Franklin G. Miller and Glenn A. Miller

II. Business and Legal Issues

  1. Practitioner Legal Liability: When Utilization Review Says No
    —Thomas E. Sweeney, Michael J. Stutman, and Renee H. Martin
  2. Legal and Practice Concerns in Organized Systems of Care
    —Shirley Ann Higuchi and Billie J. Hinnefeld
  3. Risk Management Realities Surface in New Practice Environment
    —Barbara Eileen Calfee
  4. Practicing Without Third Parties: How Private Pay and the Development of Basic Business Skills Solve the Ethical Problems of Managed Care
    —Dana C. Ackley
  5. Ethics and Capitation From a Business Perspective: A Personal Account
    —Anthony M. Trachta


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