The MMPI, MMPI–2, and MMPI–A in Court: A Practical Guide for Expert Witnesses and Attorneys, Third Edition

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The third edition of The MMPI, MMPI-2, and MMPI-A in Court: A Practical Guide for Expert Witnesses and Attorneys is an updated and expanded edition of the best-selling volume. Like the previous edition, this book is written in an engaging and accessible style.

Reviewing the three versions of the MMPI, the empirical research identifying the MMPI's effectiveness and limitations in different kinds of civil and criminal forensic assessments and with different populations, and the courts' recognition and restriction of MMPI-based testimony, it provides comprehensive guidance to both novice and experienced professionals.

The book covers the practical steps of trial preparation and courtroom work, such as choosing appropriate assessment measures, crafting an effective subpoena duces tecum, preparing for depositions, handling Daubert challenges, and communicating with the jury. It prepares expert witnesses and attorneys to address complex issues regarding validity, reliability, sensitivity, specificity, base rates, and malingering, and to avoid common psychometric, logical, and practical pitfalls. The 26 appendices gather under one cover the key resources that expert witnesses and attorneys can rely on during preparation and take with them to depositions and trial.

Table of Contents

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List of Exhibits, Tables, and Figures

Preface to the Third Edition



  1. A Brief Overview
  2. The MMPI, MMPI–2, and MMPI–A in Court Testimony
  3. Forensic Assessment Settings
  4. The Courts' Recognition, Use, and Restriction of MMPI-Based Testimony
  5. The Expert Witness Prepares and Presents
  6. The Attorney Prepares and Presents
  7. Assessing Malingering and Other Aspects of Credibility
  8. Writing Forensic Reports
  9. Deposition and Cross-Examination of the Expert Witness: Basic Questions, With Commentaries, in 14 Areas
  10. Some Final Thoughts


  1. Federal Cases Involving the MMPI
  2. State Cases Involving the MMPI
  3. Malingering or Faking Bad References
  4. Defensiveness or Faking Bad References
  5. Personal Injury References
  6. Child Custody-Related References
  7. Assessment in Criminal/Prison Settings References
  8. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act Regulations: Frequently Asked Questions
  9. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act Position Statement
  10. Multi-Health Systems Inc. Test Disclosure Policy
  11. MMPI–2 and MMPI–A Translations
  12. Sample Agreement Between Expert Witness and Attorney
  13. Sample Informed Consent Form for Conducting Forensic Assessments
  14. Expert Witness's Checklist for Forensic MMPI–2 Assessment
  15. Attorney's Checklist for Forensic MMPI–2 Assessment
  16. A Checklist for Reports of Forensic Assessment
  17. Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct
  18. American Psychological Association Policy on Training for Psychologists Wishing to Change Their Specialty
  19. Specialty Guidelines for Forensic Psychologists
  20. Statement of Principles Relating to the Responsibilities of Attorneys and Psychologists in Their Interprofessional Relations
  21. Twelve Deadly Traps of Forensic Assessment
  22. Strategy for Forensic Use of Computer-Based Reports
  23. Description of MMPI, MMPI–2, and MMPI–A Scales
  24. Psychometric Properties of the MMPI, MMPI–2, and MMPI–A Compared
  25. Procedure for Converting MMPI Scores to New Norms
  26. Suggestions for Presenting the MMPI–2 and MMPI–A in Court



Table of Cases


About the Authors

Reviews & Awards

The third edition of this essential work by three acknowledged giants in the field achieves the contrasting goals of completeness and practicality. Dealing with new rules (HIPAA), new cases (Daubert v. Merrell-Dow) and new research on psychological testing, this classic reference work superbly prepares everyone from novice to seasoned expert witness for the presentation of psychological evidence in court. The icing on this cake includes excellent appendices, a very useful forensic glossary and extensive references.
—Thomas G. Gutheil, MD Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School Past President, American Academy of Psychiatry and Law Cofounder, Program in Psychiatry and the Law, Mass. Mental Health Center

With its clear, compelling descriptions of the MMPI and its progeny, and expert guidance for management of effective cross-examination, this book is essential to the libraries of forensic psychologists and attorneys who deal with MMPI profiles in court. The reader will be brought abreast of potential uses and misuses of the MMPI in forensic settings, advances in forensic malingering research, and emerging legislation and case law that may bear on admissibility issues. Included is a step by step guide to deposing or cross-examining the expert who is presenting MMPI data. Springing from the authors' experience, ethical grounding, and wisdom, the material is accessible and eminently useful.
—Mary Connell, EdD, ABPP, Board Certified in Forensic Psychology Independent Practice, Fort Worth, Texas

Reviews of Earlier Editions

A must for every trial lawyer's library.
—Patricia C. Bobb, Esq., Board of Governors, Association of Trial Lawyers of America

An invaluable preparatory tool for expert witnesses and lawyers…The information for attorneys about how to prepare a case is concise, creative, intelligent and wise, useful as a guide for all types of litigation preparation.
—Jean E. Dubofsky, Esq., Former Justice, Colorado Supreme Court

An excellent thinking through of the status of knowledge in psychological assessment and a very practical guide to responsible forensic practice. The chapter on deposing and cross-examining expert witnesses alone would be worth the price of the book.
—Philip Erdberg, PhD, ABPP, Former President, Society for Personality Assessment

From its reviews of research to its model answers to a wide variety of legal questions, this richly detailed guide is a treasure of informed judgment and practical wisdom.
—Cheri Adrian, PhD, Psychodiagnostic Assessment Service, UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute

A much needed book on forensic application of several versions of the MMPI…will serve a very important purpose.
—John Graham, PhD, Professor and Chair, Department of Psychology, Kent State University

A scholarly, current, and practical guide…an invaluable work that is essential for the practicing attorney who handles a case that involves psychological testimony with the MMPI or its progeny.
—Joseph C. George, PhD, LLD, Practicing Attorney and Licensed Psychologist

This is essential reading for any trial attorney intending to cross swords with a psychologist or psychiatrist at deposition or trial. Although full of scientific detail, this is not ivory tower stuff; the authors display practical knowledge of real-world litigation.
—Robert McKim Bell, Prosecutor