Portraits of Pioneers in Psychology, Volume VI

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The latest in the series Portraits of Pioneers in Psychology, Volume VI pays tribute to several big names in psychology, such as Abraham Maslow, Henry Murray, Edmund Clark Sanford, James McKeen Cattell, Robert Woodworth, and Nobel Prize winner Niko Tinbergen, and some perhaps lesser known luminaries who nonetheless made significant contributions to the field. Among the many inspiring accounts is that of the challenges faced by Kenneth Clark, the first African American president of the American Psychological Association, whose scholarly work on racial prejudice and efforts to unite social science and social activism helped lay the groundwork for the landmark Supreme Court ruling in Brown v. Board of Education, which ended segregation in the schools.

Through this collection of 17 biographies emerges a sense of excitement and of the often challenging work that shaped research and practice across a range of fields, including clinical and counseling psychology, child psychology, individual differences, comparative psychology, emotions, experimental psychology, industrial/organizational psychology, and sport psychology.

The chapters, compellingly written by individuals who have contributed significantly to the field the history of psychology, will capture the interest of graduate and undergraduate students, faculty members in psychology, and scholars in related fields. A unique feature of this volume is a complete list of the subjects and authors covered in the entire series, with descriptors to enable instructors to easily find relevant chapters to supplement their courses in substantive areas of psychology.

Copublished by American Psychological Association and Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc.

Table of Contents


Portraits of the Authors and Editors

  1. Edmund Clark Sanford and the Consequences of Loyalty
    —C. James Goodwin
  2. James McKeen Cattell: Achievement and Alienation
    —Michael M. Sokal
  3. Charles Henry Turner: Pioneer of Comparative Psychology
    —Charles I. Abramson
  4. Robert S. Woodworth and the Creation of an Eclectic Psychology
    —Andrew S. Winston
  5. Karl M. Dallenbach: The Lure of the Empirical
    —Rand B. Evans
  6. Frieda Fromm-Reichmann: Pioneer in the Psychotherapy of Psychosis
    —Gail A. Hornstein
  7. Marion Almira Bills: Industrial Psychology Pioneer Bridging Science and Practice
    —Laura L. Koppes and Adrienne M. Bauer
  8. Calvin Perry Stone: Solid Citizen and Scientist
    —Wade E. Pickren
  9. An Individual Difference: The Career of Donald G. Paterson
    —David B. Baker
  10. Coleman Roberts Griffith: "Adopted" Father of Sport Psychology
    —Christopher D. Green
  11. Henry A. Murray: Personology as Biography, Science, and Art
    —Nicole B. Barenbaum
  12. Mother of Behavior Therapy and Beyond: Mary Cover Jones and the Study of the "Whole Child"
    —Alexandra Rutherford
  13. David Shakow: Architect of Modern Clinical Psychology
    —Robin L. Cautin
  14. Magda B. Arnold: Pioneer in Research on Emotion
    —Stephanie A. Shields
  15. Nikolaas Tinbergen: Nobel-Prize-Winning Ethologist
    —Donald A. Dewsbury
  16. Abraham H. Maslow: Reconnaissance for Eupsychia
    —Deborah J. Coon
  17. Kenneth B. Clark: The Complexities of Activist Psychology
    —John P. Jackson, Jr.


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