Test Interpretation and Diversity: Achieving Equity in Assessment

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Test Interpretation and Diversity is a very ambitious effort to analyze the issues involved in dealing with the variability stemming from construct irrelevant characteristics…The breadth of coverage and the attention paid to relevant historical antecedents and current testing conditions are bound to make this book a standard among those interested in mental measurement.

Designed to help test interpreters learn to read test scores fairly, this book examines key psychometric ideas and judgment processes and offers guidance about the effects of language, acculturation, poverty, disability, and other factors on test scores.

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I. Perspectives on Test Interpretation

  1. Testing in a Changing World: An Introduction
    —Jonathan Sandoval
  2. Psychometric Issues in Test Interpretation
    —Kurt F. Geisinger
  3. Critical Thinking in Test Interpretation
    —Jonathan Sandoval
  4. Culture and Cultural Differences
    —Craig L. Frisby

II. Contexts for Interpretation

  1. High-Stakes Testing in Education
    —Janice Dowd Scheuneman and Thomas Oakland
  2. Equity Issues in Employment Testing
    —Stephen G. Sireci and Kurt F. Geisinger
  3. Interpretation of Psychological Tests in Clinical and Forensic Evaluations
    —Bernadette Gray-Little and Danielle A. Kaplan

III. Dimensions of Diversity

  1. Language
    —Jonathan Sandoval and Richard P. Durán
  2. Migration and Acculturation
    —Lillian Comas-Díaz and Julia Ramos Grenier
  3. Poverty and Socioeconomic Status
    —Craig L. Frisby
  4. Visual Impairments
    —Sharon Bradley-Johnson and Ruth Ekstrom
  5. Deaf and Hard of Hearing People
    —Barbara A. Brauer, Jeffery P. Braden, Robert Q. Pollard, and Steven T. Hardy-Braz
  6. Learning Disabilities
    —Jacqueline L. Cunningham
  7. Individuals With Other Characteristics
    —Sarah I. Pratt and Kevin L. Moreland

IV. Looking to the Future

  1. Training Psychologists to Assess Members of a Diverse Society
    —Kurt F. Geisinger and Janet F. Carlson
  2. Test Interpretation in a Diverse Future
    —Jonathan Sandoval

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Comprehensive in scope, forward thinking, and grounded in both everyday experience and scientific rigor, Test Interpretation and Diversity is an excellent resource for psychologists, government employees, educators, and lawyers who are concerned about the fair testing of diverse populations.

Test Interpretation and Diversity
—CHOICE, June 1999