Working With Parents of Noncompliant Children: A Guide to Evidence-Based Parent Training for Practitioners and Students

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This book presents an in-depth look at evidence-based programs for training parents of children with behavior problems. Authors Shriver and Allen review the empirical support for four major programs, as well as some more popular programs that lack strong empirical support. Throughout this review they teach readers how to identify the best research in parent training, how to prepare for parent training sessions, and finally show how to translate this research into everyday practice.

Parents usually are the most influential people in a child's life. So when child problems like noncompliance, hyperactivity, sleep problems, feeding problems, toileting problems, academic problems, and adolescent–parent conflict arise it is important for parents to take on the primary role in their resolution. This book explains what parents are taught when collaborating with a psychologist or counselor and how they are taught effectively.

Practitioners, whether they are experienced, new to parent training, or students of the field, will find this book to be a valuable resource for taking interventions developed under tightly controlled research conditions and adapting them to the conditions of day-to-day practice, where resources are more limited and presenting problems are often more complex.

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I. Searching for the Best Available Evidence

  1. Parenting and Parent Training
  2. Empirically Supported Parent Training Programs
  3. Evaluating the Scientific Merit of Parent Training Alternatives

II. Developing Clinical Expertise

  1. Conceptual Foundations of the Empirically Supported Parent Training Programs
  2. How to Teach Parents
  3. Cultural Issues in Parent Training

III. Integrating and Translating Research Into Everyday Practice

  1. Beyond Noncompliance: Developing Evidence-Based Parent Training Interventions
  2. Delivering Evidence-Based Parent Training: From Research to Practice
  3. Parent Training: Prevention and Future Research


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