Treating Substance Use Disorders With Adaptive Continuing Care

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More than 10% of the U.S. population meets DSM-IV criteria for substance use disorders, according to recent estimates. Although effective interventions have been identified for substance abuse, a significant percentage of patients respond poorly to them. This variability in patient response highlights the need for adaptive models of care—that is, tailored interventions based on treatment algorithms that specify treatment modifications triggered by the patient's initial response and changes in symptoms.

In addition, because relapse is common, addiction interventions should extend beyond the acute phase of care and address functioning over time. Continuing care solidifies and sustains recovery by helping the patient develop and maintain recovery-oriented behaviors and sources of support.

This book provides a comprehensive review of the latest research on both standard approaches to continuing care and newer adaptive models that emphasize

  • More flexible protocols

  • Less treatment burden and greater convenience for patients

  • More attention to patient preference with regard to components of care

  • Use of settings other than traditional specialty care programs

  • Greater reliance on communication technology

  • Greater emphasis on the role of self-care in a disease management approach

A useful appendix presents a detailed description of an adaptive, telephone-based continuing care protocol. This book will be invaluable both to clinical researchers and to clinicians and administrators of addiction programs, who will learn how to develop and evaluate their own adaptive treatment algorithms to better help their patients.

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