Understanding AIDS: Advances in Research and Treatment, Second Edition

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Copyright: 1998
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Understanding AIDS, first released in 1995, was written to provide mental health professionals with a single source of information on the medical, social, and psychological aspects of HIV–AIDS. It was and remains the only authored book covering a broad range of topics concerning the psychology of AIDS that is thoroughly grounded in the empirical literature.

With this extensively revised second edition, author Seth C. Kalichman explains the many significant advances in research on how the virus works and on immune responses to HIV, and he discusses the revolutionary treatments for HIV infection that have increased both span and quality of life for increasingly large numbers of patients living with HIV-positive and AIDS diagnoses. Kalichman also focuses impressive attention on the growth in knowledge about such issues as psychological reactions to HIV–AIDS, coping and adjustment, and psychological treatments. New coverage turns a light onto the slowly growing literature on women, children, and minorities with AIDS and on sexual adjustment after diagnosis.

Almost half of the information in this edition is entirely new or updated. Each of the three main sections of the book have been rewritten and brought up to date. Over 100 new citations to the literature appearing between 1995 and 1998 have been added, as have new chapters on sexual adjustment and on advances in medical treatments (including treatment adherence). Finally, the glossary and all informational resource materials have been completely updated.

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