The Basics of Psychotherapy: An Introduction to Theory and Practice

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In The Basics of Psychotherapy: An Introduction to Theory and Practice, author Bruce E. Wampold presents essential background necessary for understanding the role of theory in therapy, and shows how understanding psychotherapy theory is the first step to becoming an effective therapist. Psychotherapy has existed in some form since the late 19th century, and has evolved over the course of a century to include a great variety of theories. Wampold explores the history of psychotherapy theory and its role in practice, and then gives readers the tools to understand the vast array of theories in current use.

This book answers practical questions:

  • What is the role of theory, and how does it relate to psychotherapy practice?
  • Are some theories more valid than others?
  • Does psychotherapy work?
  • If psychotherapy works, how does it work and how do we know it works?
  • How does a new practitioner choose a theoretical orientation?

This fascinating discussion about the basics of psychotherapy—and the theory that grounds it—provides readers with everything necessary for making sense of and finding their place in this vital and ever-changing field. Whether encountering psychotherapy theory for the first time as a student or returning as a seasoned practitioner to reevaluate the great variety of theories, this book is an indispensable guide.

The Basics of Psychotherapy may be read before other books in the Theories of Psychotherapy Series® as an introduction to psychotherapy and its theoretical grounding. As such, it may be considered the first book to assign in a graduate theories course, or as a book that can be read with any other books in this series to provide a general view of psychotherapeutic theory.

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