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In brief, informal chapters, each arranged topically around one practical principle, the author helps both the veteran expert witness and the novice identify effective modes of preparation for offering testimony, understand the courtroom milieu, and evaluate the effectiveness of testimony before and after the actual experience.

Table of Contents



  • The Admit–Deny
  • Advocacy: 1. The "Bought Expert" Accusation
  • Advocacy: 2. The Pull of Affiliate
  • Becoming Current
  • Burden of Proof and Degree of Certainty
  • Challenges to Experience: 1. Insufficient Experience
  • Challenges to Experience: 2. Irrelevant Experience
  • Challenges to Experience: 3. The Case Against Experience
  • Changing Your Mind
  • Child Sexual Abuse: 1. Lying and Fantasy
  • Child Sexual Abuse: 2. Anatomically Detailed Dolls
  • Client Dissimulation: 1. Clinical Considerations
  • Client Dissimulation: 2. Research Considerations
  • Collaborative Criticism
  • Concepts and Definitions
  • Courtroom as Place Identity
  • Credentialing: 1. Facts
  • Credentialing: 2. Challenges
  • Culturally Different Clients
  • The Direct Examination
  • Disaster Relief
  • DSM Cautions
  • Elder Abuse and Neglect
  • Employment Discrimination
  • Examiner Effects
  • Fishing Expeditions
  • Fraternization During the Trial
  • Freud as an Expert Witness
  • The Historic Hysteric Gambit
  • How You Know What You Know
  • Humor
  • The Idealism Hazard
  • Intimidation
  • Just Before the Court Appearance
  • The Language of Testimony: 1. General Principles
  • The Language of Testimony: 2. Fluent Testimony
  • The Learned Treatise Gambit
  • The Limits of Expertise
  • Listening Well
  • Negative Assertions
  • Orientation to the Courtroom
  • Power and Control on the Witness Stand: 1. The Process
  • Power and Control: 2. Time and the Art of Testifying
  • Power and Control: 3. Gaze and Eye Contact
  • Power and Control: 4. Personal Space
  • The Primary Source Gambit
  • Probes for Guilt and Shame
  • The Professional Witness
  • Psychotherapists as Expert Witnesses
  • The Push–Pull
  • Quiet Moments on the Stand
  • The Rumpelstiltskin Principle
  • Saying "I Don't Know"
  • Scientist Challenges
  • The Star-Witness Fantasy
  • Termination of Parental Rights
  • Transformative Moments
  • The Well-Dressed Witness
  • When It Is Over
  • When Your Attorney Is Indifferent or Incompetent
  • While Lawyers Fuss
  • Ziskin & Faust Are Sitting on the Table


Reviews & Awards

The content is superb…just as delightful for the experienced courtroom expert as for the novice…[Brodsky] is a master at teaching…In a word, this is a winner.
Dr. Thomas Grisso, Professor of Psychiatry (Clinical Psychology) University of Massachusetts Medical Center and Past President, American Psychology and Law Society