Bringing Psychotherapy Research to Life: Understanding Change Through the Work of Leading Clinical Researchers

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Many clinicians today are unaware of the implications of psychotherapy research for their practice. Research that can readily be applied is not always easily found in original empirical papers. And while they know where to find details on methods and statistical procedures, today's clinicians may not grasp the larger picture of psychotherapy research from the past 50 years. Bringing Psychotherapy Research To Life attempts to bridge these gaps by highlighting the work of 28 distinguished psychotherapy researchers, showing how their research programs changed the way we think about and practice psychotherapy. While honoring founders and influential members of the Society for Psychotherapy Research (SPR), the book illustrates how research has extended such questions as:

  • What types of patients benefit from therapy?
  • How can relationship problems best be handled?
  • Under which circumstances can emotions be deepened?
  • How does the therapist foster insight?
  • How does the therapist facilitate behavioral change?

This book presents scientifically rich and clinically relevant messages embedded in meaningful stories. By contextualizing the work of luminaries in psychotherapy research, it will appeal to students and practitioners alike, including those who want to survey the field as well as those who are looking to its foundations as a resource for fresh research questions. For readers who are primarily associated with a cognitive-behavioral approach, the book will also provide an overview of the constructs investigated and empirical methods used by researchers in the humanistic and psychodynamic traditions.

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