Portraits of Pioneers in Psychology

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Copyright: 1991
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This book presents biographical portraits of 22 of psychology's pioneers, portraits of them as men and women as well as scientists. All of these portraits, many of them offered by a descendant, colleague, or student of the pioneer, are informal. Most of them are lighthearted, even humorous, in their approach. A few are intimate and personal. Several authors impersonate their pioneers and present the stories of their lives and work in the pioneer's own words. Typically the authors view the scientific achievements of the pioneers in the context of their times. Collectively they describe psychology's search for direction and significance in the dawning of a new discipline.

Table of Contents


Portraits of the Authors and Editors

  1. A Trans-Time Visit with Francis Galton
    —G. E. McClearn
  2. William James: Spoiled Child of American Psychology
    —Barbara Ross
  3. The Spirit of Ivan Petrovich Pavlov
    —Gregory A. Kimble
  4. Freud: 3 Contributions
    —Ernst G. Beier
  5. From "Paired Associates" to a Psychology of Self: The Intellectual Odyssey of Mary Whiton Calkins
    —Laurel Furumoto
  6. The Intrepid Joseph Jastrow
    —Arthur L. Blumenthal
  7. E. B. Titchener on Scientific Psychology and Technology
    —Rand B. Evans
  8. Continuity for Women: Ethel Puffer's Struggle
    —Elizabeth Scarborough
  9. Harvey Carr and Chicago Functionalism: A Simulated Interview
    —Ernest R. Hilgard
  10. Edward L. Thorndike: A Professional and Personal Appreciation
    —Robert L. Thorndike
  11. C. G. Jung: The Man and His Work, Then and Now
    —Irving E. Alexander
  12. Perspectives on John B. Watson
    —Charles L. Brewer
  13. Max Wertheimer: Modern Cognitive Psychology and the Gestalt Problem
    —Michael Wertheimer
  14. Psychology from the Standpoint of a Mechanist: An Appreciation of Clark L. Hull
    —Gregory A. Kimble
  15. Edward Chace Tolman: A Life of Scientific and Social Purpose
    —Henry Gleitman
  16. Leta Stetter Hollingworth: "Literature of Opinion" and the Study of Individual Differences
    —Stephanie A. Shields
  17. Natural Wholes: Wolfgang Köhler and Gestalt Theory
    —Robert Sherrill, Jr.
  18. General Anthroponomy and Its Systematic Problems: A Tribute to Walter S. Hunter
    —Charles N. Cofer
  19. Systems as Reconceptualizations: The Work of Edna Heidbreder
    —Mary Henle
  20. Integrations of Lashley
    —Darryl Bruce
  21. Harry Stack Sullivan: The Clinician and the Man
    —Kenneth L. Chatelaine
  22. Robert Choate Tryon: Pioneer in Differential Psychology
    —Kurt Schlesinger