Integrating Spirituality Into Treatment: Resources for Practitioners

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In its origins, psychology was concerned with mind, body, and spirit. This volume re-establishes the importance of spirituality while integrating it into the mainstream of sound psychological practice. In practical, accessible language, this edited book addresses broad, transtheoretical aspects of spirituality, including acceptance, forgiveness, hope, values, and control. Contributors provide indispensable guidance for assessing, understanding, and responding to the spiritual aspects of clients' lives. This volume is a must-read for health professionals who wish to understand a core dimension of human functioning.

Table of Contents





I. Spirituality and Treatment

  1. Spirituality and Health
    —William R. Miller and Carl E. Thoresen
  2. The Historical Context
    —Ernest Kurtz
  3. Assessing Spirituality
    —Richard L. Gorsuch and William R. Miller

II. Addressing Spirituality in Treatment

  1. Mindfulness and Meditation
    —G. Alan Marlatt and Jean Kristeller
  2. Prayer
    —Michael E. McCullough and David B. Larson
  3. Spirituality and the 12-Step Programs: A Guide for Clinicians
    —J. Scott Tonigan, Radka T. Toscova, and Gerard J. Connors
  4. Values, Spirituality, and Psychotherapy
    —P. Scott Richards, John M. Rector, and Alan C. Tjeltveit
  5. Behavioral Approaches to Enhance Spirituality
    —John E. Martin and Jennifer Booth

III. Some Spiritual Issues in Treatment

  1. Spiritual Surrender: A Paradoxical Path to Control
    —Brenda S. Cole and Kenneth I. Pargament
  2. Acceptance and Forgiveness
    —Cynthia Sanderson and Marsha M. Linehan
  3. Evoking Hope
    —Carolina E. Yahne and William R. Miller
  4. Serenity
    —Gerard J. Connors, Radka T. Toscova, and J. Scott Tonigan

IV. Spirituality in Professional Training

  1. Diversity Training in Spiritual and Religious Issues
    —William R. Miller


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