Attachment in Group Psychotherapy

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Patients in group therapy often struggle with interpersonal problems and difficulties regulating emotions. Group therapy is an ideal format for many such patients because it exposes them to ample feedback from the group and leader in a safe environment.

However, the specific needs of each member vary. Attachment theory offers an effective framework for determining how best to intervene with each member and the group as a whole.

This book applies attachment theory to group psychotherapy, explaining how group therapists can effectively work with members of different attachment styles. By understanding the needs of each member based on his or her attachment style, the leader can best foster corrective emotional exchanges that challenge members' maladaptive beliefs about themselves and others.

The chapters provide clinical guidance and case examples for numerous aspects of group therapy, including screening and preparing potential members, identifying individuals who are not good candidates for group therapy, and fostering here-and-now emotional experiences that help group members move toward positive change.

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