The Expert Expert Witness: More Maxims and Guidelines for Testifying in Court

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ISBN: 978-1-55798-597-2
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Copyright: 1999
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In this practical and entertaining book for forensic psychologists, Stanley L. Brodsky, a leading teacher, scholar, and expert witness, describes court work and the legal context in a yarn-spinning style that is friendly, informal, and more explanatory than adversarial, bringing gentleness and humor to a potentially combative arena.

Brief topic-focused chapters, each summed up with a maxim, teach readers a great deal about the typical ploys and techniques used by attorneys to draw out information, either supportive or contradictory. In addition to offering principles, lessons, and maxims, this volume addresses specific questions, challenging testimony, and worst-case scenarios, many posed by people who have contacted the author about their own courtroom snafus. While clearly recognizing the gravity of the expert witness role and of the oath of honesty, Brodsky emphasizes the exhilarating intellectual and professional challenge involved in mastering the courtroom setting.

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