Educational Evaluations of Children With Special Needs: Clinical and Forensic Considerations

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Over 6.5 million children receive special education services each year in the U.S. As this number continues to rise, child and school psychologists are increasingly called upon to evaluate children and to recommend accommodations to meet the child's educational needs. But the process of evaluating children can be challenging, as it is often fraught with conflict between parents and school personnel. Even seasoned clinicians may have difficulty navigating the myriad legal, professional, and personal issues involved.

This book is a step-by-step guide describing how to perform an independent educational evaluation for children with special needs.

Chapters describe the suggested format and content of initial meetings with parents and school officials, the assessment and evaluation process, how to piece together the final report, and additional issues that arise after the final settlement, including testimony in due process hearings.

The authors also provide a full explanation of the applicable legal statutes regarding special education services, and the legal boundaries of the evaluator's responsibilities. Perhaps most importantly, they provide crucial suggestions for how evaluators can navigate conflict that often arises between parents and school officials, while remaining focused on providing the best possible education for all children.

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